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General Alternator FAQ's

Q - Is my alternator faulty? My Alternator is not charging - what should I do?
A - Use our guide on 
alternator tests

Q - Will my alternator charge is the fan belt is lose or worn?
A - Probably not, tighten or replace your fan belt before buying a new alternator

Q - My fan belt is correctly tensioned and in good condition. What next?
A - See step 2 of our 
how to test an alternator guide.

Q - How can I solve my alternator problems?
A - Confirm you have a faulty alternator & identify the root cause

Q - What does an alternator do?

Q - How do I choose the right alternator?

Q - What tension should my alternator belt be?

General Starter Motor FAQ's

Q - How much is a starter motor?
A - Give us a ring to confirm the correct replacement and we'll be able to tell you

Q - What does a starter motor do?

Q - How do I choose the right starter motor?
A - Find the part number on your old unit and use the starter motor search feature to identify an exact replacement

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