Saturday, 3 September 2011

Engine Wont Start

Engine Won’t Start or Problems Starting Engine

Summary: Car won’t start, general engine starting problems, faulty alternator or starter motor?

If you’re having trouble starting your car, van, lorry, boat, industrial or agricultural application, there could be a number of faulty engine parts causing the problem. This short guide will help you to identify an alternator problem or a faulty starter motor.

First Things First – Tell Tale Signs

Turn detective and look for evidence of a faulty alternator or starter motor. If you’re experiencing any of the following then a problematic alternator or starter motor may be the cause.

Common Symptoms of Alternator & Starter Motor Failure

•    Abnormal noises, such as knocking sounds or clicking
•    The engine is not turning over at all
•    The engine struggles to turn over
•    Nothing happens when you turn the key i.e. ignition doesn’t come on
•    The engine cut out whilst you were driving
•    Some electrical systems stopped working e.g. car radio or lights
•    The lights are shining less brightly than usual
•    A flat battery

Proceed to Testing

If you can identify with any of the symptoms above then it’s possible that you have a faulty alternator or starter motor. The next logical step is to test your alternator or test your starter motor. Our testing guides follow a systematic approach and will enable a correct root problem diagnosis.

Next Step: Visit our alternator testing or starter motor testing

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