Saturday, 3 September 2011

Flat Car Battery - Causes & What to Do

Do you have a Flat Car Battery?

A flat car battery is not the same thing as a faulty battery. Battery failure is usually caused by one of two things: Alternator Failure or a Faulty Battery. This articles covers the symptoms and causes to enable a swift resolution to your problems. It's possible that your car needs a replacement alternator.

Symptoms of a Flat Car Battery

There are a couple of tell tale signs that your battery might be faulty:

1. Dim or dull headlamps
2. Engine turns over slowly when starting
3. The engine stops

What to do - Battery Testing

The best way to test your battery is to attempt to jump start the vehicle. If your car will start using a set of jump leads, this strongly indicates that your battery is flat. If you have any doubts or the results are inconclusive, have your battery tested by a professional.

If you identify that you have a flat battery, please note that replacing your battery might not cure the problem. If your car battery keeps going flat, conduct a thorough Alternator Test.

Flat Battery Causes

There are two possible causes of a flat car battery:

1. Alternator Failure

The alternator is responsible for charging the battery on your vehicle. If the alternator becomes faulty it will not provide enough charge and this will inevitably cause battery failure.

Using our simple 4 step alternator testing procedure, find out whether the alternator is causing your battery to go flat.

2. Faulty battery

If you are satisfied that your alternator is working correctly, it may be that your battery is faulty and needs replacing. This can be caused by anything from cold weather, to your batteries age. It is advisable to have your battery checked by a professional to confirm this.

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